Maizbhandari Chittagong

Maizbhandari is a holy place of Bangladesh; the place is located in Fotikchori, Chittagong. Maizbhandar Darbar Sharif has been regarding as a sacred Darbar to the people of Bangladesh for many years.  I had a huge curiosity about the place and used to try to visit the place at all times. Fortunately, I have got a chance to visit the holy place during my Sajek Valley tour. On the way, we took a short break to visit the Maizbhandar Darbar. Finally, we visit the historical and well-recognized place.

Maizbhandari Chittagong

Maizbhandari Chittagong

Maizbhandari is a nice looking Darbar in the country, the main Mazar Sharif is located beside a pond that increases the beauty of Darbar. After reaching the Darbar, we took the prayer of Johar, then we roamed the total Darbar, and the beauty of the holy place stunt me very much. We talked with several pupils of Maizbhandari, they are also the spiritual person who has no worldly interest in life. One thing of the Holy Darbar draws my attention more that is wall script around the Darbar where many scholars’ message is quoted.

History of Maizbhandar Darbar:

Maizbhandari is one of the ancient Darbar Sharif of the country; Sayed Ahmed Ullah was the founder of the Maizbhandari Sufi Order. He was the great Sufi Saint, Pir (awlia).  The great person is best known around the country as Gausul Azam Moulana Syed Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi Kebla Kaba.

Born on January 15, 1826, at Maizbhandar, Chittagong, Bangladesh to father Mohammed Matiullah and mother Bibi Khairun Nesa, 40 kilometers away from the Chittagong city, he was highly educated and received a degree in Islamic religion and philosophy from Aliah University. Ahmed Ullah joined as a session judge in Jessore after completing education but he left the job in pursuing the teaching profession. He took the Belayat from Abu Shahama Mohammed Saleh Al-Qaderi Lahori and reached the highest mark of the spiritual arena.

Syed Gulamur Rahman Maizbhandari is considered as a second influential Sufi Saint among the Maizbhandari Sufi.

How to go Maizbhandar:

I think it is very easy to go Maizbhandar Darbar if you go with your own or hired the bus. First of all one have to come to Chittagong by bus, train or air from Dhaka. From Chittagong, the Maizbhandar only 40 kilometers away, the way you can go through the public bus or your own car.

Food and Accommodation:

There is no problem with food and accommodation facilities.

Closing Day:

Maizbhandari Darbar has no closing day.

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